Vital Information

The following is the very best advice Norm can provide, NOT just to secure more business, but Norm has now, and has always had a passion for contributing in  any way possible to teaching Learner Drivers, young or old, to be the very best drivers they can be.

In that regard, Norm will post on this page regular updates of advice and tips to ensure that all aspects of Learning to Drive is made available to you here.
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.These are Vital points to be considered
1.    All Learner drivers should know prior to obtaining your
Learners permit, your road laws. Please study and understand.

  1. After passing your learner permit do not drive from Vicroads to  home, the stress and strain on your parents is awful, remember you have no experience and no road craft knowledge.
  2. Many parents approach me as a driving instructor because they lack the expertise to get their learners ( Children ) “on the road”. Some times they would like their Sons and Daughters to have approximately six lessons with a professional instructor to set their minds at ease. Some parents also come out on the driving lessons to see how I instruct.
  3. When you start driving with Mum or Dad remember they are not driver trainers they are ordinary drivers thrust into a role of helping you gain 120 hours log book experience. Occasionally as parents they might get angry and generally pains in the bum. Please be understanding.      
  4. Learning to drive is a stage by stage action so that you can understand I use the analogy of a very young baby who as they learn to move around they roll over, they get caught in strange places and eventually they use furniture to hold on to before taking their first faltering steps. Driving tuition is very similar, its stage by stage and as you progress your experience level builds incrementally. 

Many of our Learner’s are Students attending colleges, high schools and working. All learner drivers appear to compare driving instructors with their friends. In some instances you can have a very good driving instructor, but some are not so good for YOU. The answer is, if you are not happy, change your driving instructor straight away. This is far too valuable a life lesson to settle for anything less than the very best that suits YOU.

Norms article June15


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