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When I first started driving on my L-plates, I was terrified that I wouldn’t pass my test. As my 18th birthday drew closer, the only thing I could think about when I was driving was the date my driving test was booked in for, and I was very nervous and a little bit stressed about it. Thats when my older brother recommended for me to take some driving lessons with Norm, as he had done a few years previously. The first time I met Norm he was kind and understanding of my nerves, and very patient with any mistakes I made while driving. He kept up easy conversation in the car, which I found to be a lot easier than sitting in a car next to a stranger in total silence, and he helped improve my driving dramatically. During the actual driving test I found it easier to drive normally with Norm sitting next to me, because it just felt like an ordinary day with my driving instructor. Norm helped me pass my test greatly and I would highly recommend him to anyone before they go for their driving test, as he is a very good instructor and is easy to get along with.

Hope you like this.
Regards, Mikayla Gundy.=




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