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A little about my life history. I commenced work as a typewriter/adding machine mechanic with Remington Rand as a 15 year old. I then joined the Australian Military Forces at the age of 17. In 1965 I joined the Metropolitan Fire Brigade as a 21 year old, after obtaining my drivers licence. IMG_0820

During my early service in the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, I was stationed in many city stations as well as several western suburbs stations, also working a variety of part time jobs, including truck driving, taxi driving, working in the funeral industry etc.becoming a part time driving instructor in 1973.

In 1968 I was stationed at Richmond Fire Station where I attended numerous fires and incidents, I participated in road accident rescues helping to extricate people from wrecked cars, I also attended several fatal light plane crashes. At this time I resigned from military service because of the shift work commitment.

In 1974 I transferred into Northern Sector of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade mainly stationed at Brunswick Fire Station. During this year I commenced work as a part time Driving Instructor with Ivanhoe Driving School until 1985 when we moved to Macedon.After moving to Macedon I became a volunteer firefighter for the CFA in 1986 attending numerous bushfires and road accidents.

In 1987 until retirement I became an on shift driving instructor within the Metropolitan Fire Brigade qualifying and mentoring firefighters in the art of driving emergency vehicles to fires and emergencies, training how to negotiate road traffic situations using lights & sirens, travelling on wrong side of roads,proceeding around trams and negotiating hazardous situations utilizing Reg. 204, 1001,1006.

In 1988 I was forced into a position of starting Black Forest Driving School due to severe interest rate increases after buying our house in Bruce Street Macedon.


I retired from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 1997 and to this day I am still a volunteer firefighter with Macedon CFA.

Finally I am still instructing and driver training. I like working with younger people helping them to obtain their Drivers Licence and giving them the necessary information and skills to help them survive and become better drivers in the future..


Regards Norm Crosland

570 D.I.A.

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